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The Path to Nibbana (Bangladesh)

Sunday, May 19, 2013



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  1. Achieving/ developing harmonious, amiable & reciprocal relationships among Bangladeshi Buddhist Students in Thailand.
  1. Generating awareness of the Buddhist culture, heritage & tradition of Bangladesh among the students and promoting Bangladeshi Buddhist culture to others (the world).
  1. To motivate/encourage/help students to pursue their studies & to write/contribute/publish/present papers/articles in journals/periodicals/conferences.
  1. Organizing Dhamma talks, scholarly discussions, publishing e-magazine etc.
  1. Interacting with students of other institutes on various educational & religious matters.
  1. Interacting with various organizations in Thailand as well as in other countries. To collaborate with them on various matters such as helping us with educational materials.
  1. Volunteering in the activities of Buddhist organizations in Thailand and learning from it.


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