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The Path to Nibbana (Bangladesh)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attacking Buddhists in Bangladesh

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by Sona Kanti Barua

First Bangla book – the Charyapada was originated from teachings of Lord Buddha and the Buddha is the father of Bangla language, culture and civilization.  Bengali Islamic fundamentalists defeated by the Buddhist Bengali book’s Bangla heritage and to protect Bengali language several students of Dhaka University were killed by the East Pakistani Government dated February 21, 1952.  Bengali language and its Buddhist heritage took over terrorism of misuse of Islam in Bangladesh.  Higher educated Muslims have founded Atish Dipankar University in Dhaka in the glorious memory of the great Buddhist monk who preached Buddhism in Tibet.  It is also most remarkable that Bengal’s glorious hero Vijoy Singh discovered and took over Sri Lanka to establish Buddhist civilization 2600 years ago.

Buddha's Head Cut Off by Muslims
Buddha's Head Cut Off by Muslims
In course of time, as a national shame, Bangladesh’s High Court asked the government on Saturday dated September 29, 2012 to explain why Ramu’s (including Ukhia and Patiya)  local Police officials failed to provide security to minority Buddhists whose 65  homes, 2 thousand 6 hundred year’s Buddha Relics in 55 Temples and 25 business places were attacked and destroyed  by  barbaric acts of 25, 000 fanatic Muslims (among them several members are belong to Rohingya Islamic Organization, Jamayate Arakan, Harakatul Jihad or Movement of Islamic Holy war and Jamat.  Terrorism was started from hatred of other religions and non violence is the supreme medicine of its biggest threat. 
Are there no law and order in Bangladesh while 25 thousand Islamists demolished Buddhist temples, houses and business centres dated September 29, 2012? Sheikh Mujubur Rahman government constitution of 1972 took over by Islamists and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made Islam as the state religion. Writer Mr. Farhad Majahar has written an essay (Naya Diganta dated October 4, 2012) in explaining danger of Bangladesh relating to the Islamic terror days to come. 
 No Muslim countries recognize Bangladesh before India and Bhutan. Bihari and Rohingya Muslim refugees took over Bangladesh and millions of Hindus and Buddhists left Bangladesh as there is no law to protect non-Muslims.   
Buddha's Statues taken from Thailand
Buddha's Statues taken from Thailand
Is there rule of law in Islamic (People’s Republic) Bangladesh?  Islamic Jamat Political Party did not want Bangladesh to separate from Pakistan in 1971 and they betrayed nation, people and country in the name of Islam. Islam means universal peace. Misuse of Islam and its political selfish religion poison everything in Bangladesh. Cleansing Buddhists and minorities (Hindus, Christian & Sikhs) are not Islam according to the Holy Qur’an (Al - Qur’an, 22 : 38,    6 : 106 and chapter 109).   A peaceful protest and awareness event against major terror attacked on Buddhists in Bangladesh and  genocide of Chakma and Barua Buddhists in Bangladesh was held at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall) dated October 13, 2012 at 1. 45 p.m. in Toronto. 
Islamic terrorists are drowning the mankind and at night Bangladeshi Islamic terrorists attacked on the Chittagong (Bangladesh) Buddhists at Buddhist villages in Ramu, Ukhia, and Patiya. In India (Bihar) Bakhtiar Khilji destroyed Buddhism and Buddhist University in 1202 A. D. and later he took over Bangladesh. Since then Buddhists have been crossing through the mid-night darkness of Islamic terrorists as like as through the unrest sea, the difficult range and its wilderness.
Human beings are great heroes
We do not obey insults of terrors,
When oppressed Buddhists people’s wail
On the sky and air will not resound;
Islamic Tyrants’ dangerous weapons
Will not glitter on the battlefield.
We have to mark our foot prints on the chests of Islamic Tyrants,
Human beings are heroes eternal,
Rose above the inhumanity of Islamic terrorists
Our heads are ever monumental against of Tyrants.
 Terrorists use religion as their weapons, however, Universal Islam does not allow the demolition of other people’s religious rights, thoughts, temples and churches (Al –  Misuse of Islam, ethnic cleansing of minorities and Islam as the state religion made downfall of Bangladesh. In the name Islam we could not write our mother tongue Bengali, it is called misuse of Islam and the religion made all poison   in Bangladesh. People are killing each other in a name of religion. There is no religion in hatred, greed and delusion. Universal Islam is universal love, discipline, honesty, human rights, compassionate society and patriotism. Islamic terrorists do not think relating to drowning the mankind. They are gambling with their hatred minds to fragile their Islamic faith.
Rule of law has not established in Bangladesh due to misuse of Islam.  In the name of Islam even Bangla language was confiscated by the Pakistan Government from the people of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) in 1948. The fanatic Muslim leaders use religion Islam to confiscated people’s rights. It is well documented in the holy Qur’an, “You can’t abuse other religion (6 :106).”   Let Buddhists survive in Bangladesh in following Muslims’ holy Qur’an.  It is well documented in the holy Qur’an, “You can’t abuse other religion (6 :106).”  The Islamic fundamentalist’s elements (Jamat) which actively opposed the creation of Independent People’s Republic Bangladesh; failing to the thwart the inevitable victory despite their collaboration with occupying Pakistan forces in the 1971 Bangladesh independence war, have concocted a long term, multi - prolonged plan to make Bangladesh a pure Islamic theocracy. 
We are grateful to Indian and Bhutanese thousands of soldiers who shed their blood and sacrificed their lives trying to help Bengali people  liberated our homeland Bangladesh from the clutches of the greedy misguided Pakistan Army and leaders of Pakistan.  In the name of Islam Pakistani Army was destroyed Bangladesh in 1971.
World Buddhists are deeply troubled to hear of those allegations that there has been a pattern of attacks on the Chakma and Barua Buddhist communities. We hope Bangladesh Government will look into these reports of violence and take all necessary steps to bring those responsible to justice.

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