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The Path to Nibbana (Bangladesh)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Buddha Purnima (Happy Vesak 2016)

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Monks participated in Vesak 2016
Vesak full-moon poya day was rejoice fully celebrated by Bangladesh American Buddhist Fellowship (Sambodhi Vihar) on Saturday, May 21st 2016.  On that auspicious day, Buddhist followers from all around California joined the celebration paying homage to the Triple gems and then special offering to Buddha at 10AM. Lay devotees took hold of the Eight Precepts from the monks and served the honorable monks with the Alms-round.

People meditating on the auspicious day
At first Babu shantus kumar barua, requests the monks to deliver the five basic precepts for the lay Buddhists and the rector of Bangladesh America Buddhist Fellowship (Sambodhi Vihar) most venerable Loka Nanda Mahathero provided the five moral ethics followed by Pandit Dharma mitra Mahastobir who came from Burma, later delivered the eight precepts peacefully. At 11AM, monks chanted the sacred montras and got their lunch break and completed the first section of the ceremony.

Monks Chanting 
At 12PM monks gave sermons with the significance of the Vesal Full-Moon Poya day, where it is designated as the birth, enlightenment and demise of the Lord Buddha. With a pious opening, the dhamma school students narrated the Uruvela Gatha (Verses of Uruvela) guided by the religious teacher Mrs, Setu Barua and the narration was participated by Epa Barua, Aishi Barua, Srojoni Barua, Prapti Barua, Projikta Barua, Swarna Barua, Rubel Barua, Rotima Barua, Snigdha Barua, Momitha Barua, Jayatu Barua, Shymon Barua, Hemal Barua, Nibhir Barua, pragga Talukdar, Supak Barua, Joy Barua, Sudipta Barua etc.

Kiran Barua deliberying speech
Then Kiran Bikash Barua gave an important speech regarding the historical and contemporary situation of the Bangladesh America Buddhist Fellowship and with the concern of development, sustainability and retention.

Everyone paying attention to the Monks
Chief Guest from Sri Lanka most venerable Pandit Srinibhas mahanayake gave a sermon how to live a Buddhist live as what is call Buddhist livelihood. Bangladeshi Buddhist missionary monk most Venerable Ratana Joti Bhikkhu pointed out the cultural phenomena of the Bangladeshi Buddhists daily living.
A very practice questionnaire lively sermon was preached by an American Local monk point the four noble truth and the way to eight fold noble path.

kids have quiz
At last Anuttar Kumar Barua, thanked every single individuals for participating the ceremony delightedly. Finalized the 2016 Buddha Purnima with the support of Ashok Kumar Barua, Shatatol Barua, Bcr Titu Barua, Palash Barua, Pallab Kumar Barua, Bakul Chowdhory, Anup Talukdar, Ripon Barua, Khokon Barua, Juwel Barua, Sujel Barua, Probat Barua and Rony Barua.  
Finally everyone condemns the recent Buddhist Monk brutal killing and spread loving kindness, Appreciative joy, compassion and equanimity towards all the biotic and abiotic beings in the world after chanting. 


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